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4 Cycle Stock Engine Specifications
  • Cylinder Block is Bored and Honed perpendicular to the crankshaft with torque plate installed.  Additional oil holes are drilled for extra oiling.  The Intake and Exhaust ports are Ported & Polished for Maximum Flow.  The head is cut per rules for maximum compression.  The lifter bores are Reinforced & Chamfered to accept the Stock Legal Extra Strength Billet Lifters, which can withstand today’s fast ramp aftermarket camshafts.
  • Crankshaft, Connecting Rod, Piston and Rings clearanced for proper fit.
  • Aftermarket Camshaft (tailored to customer's class) is indexed and degreed for proper valve train timing and maximum power.
  • Valve Spring Seat Reliefs are machined to accept Stock Legal Heavy Duty valve springs that are set to proper operating specifications
  • Valve seats are cut per engine class, which accepts Blueprinted Valves, lapped for maximum sealing.
  • Blueprinted and Flowed Carburetor matched to engine class, which has:
    • Bored carb throat and fuel pickup to legal specs for maximum flow 
    • Metering holes and jets are precision reamed for correct fuel mapping 
    • The throttle arm is machined per engine class rules and throttle arm stop adjusted for maximum flow
  • Engine Break in & Load Tested
  • Not to mention some other Schurr Power Goodies…
  • Matched header to your class and track
  • Spark Plug, Magnetic Drain Plug, Chain Guard, Tank Brace, & Tank Insert
  • Air Filter Adapter, Throttle Bellcrank, & Air Filter
  • Restrictor Plate (if required)

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