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 Stock engine assembly (plus machining & parts) $125
Modified engine assembly (plus machining & parts) $150
Install intake and exhaust valve guides 
(Includes cutting seats)
Install valve guides and lifter bushings $45
Precision Hone $50
Weld lifter bore $20
Deck block $50
Angle Deck block $75
Flow test block $20
Port and flow test block (stock) $40
Port modified $50
Set-up cam and springs $50
Cut valve seats $10
Spotface for springs and chamfer lifter bores $15
Install DU flywheel bushing in block $25
Drill oil hole in flywheel bushing $5
Install helicoil $5
Dyno engine ($50 per subsequent hours) $50
Weigh-out kart $50
Set-up kart $75
Rebuild kart $300
Blueprint clutch (plus parts) $50
Blueprint your B&S carb for stock $50
Blueprint your B&S carb for controlled stock $50
Blueprint your B&S Raptor carb for stock appearing $50
Replace stock seats (includes seats) $50
Out of Shop Work
Bore, sleeve, deck, align bore, precision hone block $135
Align bore block (small bore) $45
Align bore block (large bore) $55
We offer many engine building services...please inquire


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