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Schurr Flow Carburetors
Holding true to our engineering roots, Schurr Flow Carbs take an innovative approach in carburetor development with creative machinework and selection of only the best components.  Each Schurr Flow Carb is individually tailored for each customer and tested for maximum performance.   Every Schurr Flow Carb comes with: air filter adapter, throttle arm, return spring, all required gaskets, mounting bolts, and restrictor plate (if needed).  From Restricted to Stock Appearing, there is a Schurr Flow Carb to fit your needs. 
Schurr Flow Stocker (5hp) $100.00
Schurr Flow Restricted (5hp) $125.00
Schurr Flow Stock Appearing-Stage 1 $150.00
Schurr Flow Stock Appearing-Stage 2 $250.00
Schurr Flow Stock Appearing-Restricted $180.00
Schurr Flow Stock Animal PZ Carb

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