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Schurr Power Racing Engines

Welcome to Schurr Power Racing Engines.  If you're hunting for serious horse power you have come to the right place.  We strive to build the best motor money can buy.  We believe our engines are capable of winning on every level of competition.  If you are serious about winning, Schurr Power Racing Engines is the builder for you. At Schurr Power Inc. we take pride in building each and every engine to the highest standard. We consistently spends countless hours in research and development to ensure every customer gets the best engine possible. Quality machine work is critical in today's racing engines, at Schurr Power you can count on your next engine to be machined right, because... something worth doing, is worth doing RIGHT! 
Schurr Power Inc. is excited about continuing their line of Schurr Power 4-Stroke competition engines.  Building off their Championship winning, Raptor III 5HP engine line of the past, Schurr Power is moving into 2006 with vast amounts of research and developement, along with quite a few wins and championships under their belt.  Schurr Power is excited about continuing their developement of the Briggs and Stratton Overhead Valve Engines.  This engine line is the future of karting, and Schurr Power will be a leader in this field.  In addition, Schurr Power now has a full line of Stock Appearing and Outlaw Raptor III 5HP Engines and Parts.  Schurr Power builds engines that put customers on the podium.

Briggs and Stratton's new 
6.5hp Animal II Racing Engine

Briggs and Stratton's origional 
5hp Raptor III Racing Engine
All Schurr Power Racing Engines are built ‘one at a time’ and tailored to the customer’s exact specifications.  The engines go through an extensive 100+ step build process.  This includes an inspection of over 125 critical component dimensions.  Each engine is broken in on our break-in stand and dyno tested on the Schurr Power Dynamometer.  All Carburetors are flowed and tested on the Schurr Power Flowbench.  Each engine comes with  extensive documentation that includes:
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Engine Build & Specification sheets
  • Engine Set-up Instructions
  • Jetting Instructions
  • Break in Instructions

Schurr Power Racing Engines Prices
Raptor III 5HP
Stock-Restricted Starting at $1,100
Stock Starting at $1,100
SuperStock Starting at $1,150
Controlled Stock Starting at $1,150
Limited Modified Call for Pricing
Open Call for Pricing
Stock Appearing-Stage 1
(Mattley Special)
Starting at $1,200
Stock Appearing-Stage 2 Call for Pricing
Blueprinted Stock Starting at $1,100
F200 Call for Pricing
Outlaw/Stock Appearing Starting at $1,200
Coming Soon... 10hp 305cc Big Block Outlaw Briggs OHV
All Prices Subject to change

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